High Risk Liability

High Risk Liability

If you are operating in a trade that is considered to be high risk, your business will have specific needs and require a policy that is tailored to suit your requirements.

Our team is experienced in placing risks and providing advice to businesses in these sectors. This includes a full review of your portfolio including all liabilities, property and fleet.

We find some clients still use online facilities to place their insurance, this puts the onus on the client to make sure they are insured correctly and can often leave them exposed.

Do you find your policy is littered with conditions, endorsements and exclusions? Do you have a height limit? Are you restricted to the locations your policy allows you to work?

At NexGen we will make sure we find a policy that is fit for purpose, that gives you the flexibility to run and grow your business.

What types of trades are covered?


We understand that there is much more to roofing than meets the eye. ­­­Make sure you are covered for all the different types of activities you do, that you aren’t limited with height & heat restrictions, and you are with an A’ Rated insurer who truly understands your needs. We also have markets who offer discounts and low claims rebates for members of various trade associations in the industry. Either way, we will be able to source a policy that works for you and your business.


We pride ourselves on the extensive knowledge we have within the scaffolding industry, our own director Billy Coles spent 2 years as an Operations Manager for a known Kent scaffolding firm and carried that experience to what we do here at NexGen. We have key insurers that work with us and because we understand the trade, we know the right questions to ask to get you the best deal. If you have great health & safety in place or are a member of a trade association within

Metal Fabricators

We have been surprised to find that a lot of metal fabricators & erectors still have just the basic liability cover, and more shocked their broker hasn’t pointed this out. We will always advise and discuss the other covers to consider like business interruption, stock, machinery and any other gaps there may be. In the past we have been able to source clients additional cover and still maintain a premium as competitive as before. Let us come and see you, have a


Demolition is always seen as a difficult trade to insure, this is because most people don’t understand it. We make sure that your business activities are broken down correctly and that all your plant and equipment is covered properly. We have markets that love to insure demolition contractors, so let us present your risk to them and work together in achieving a policy & premium that works for you. Also, if you are member of a trade association within your industry, let us know!

Waste & Recycling

Do you hire out skips, own a waste transfer station or involved in recycling? We have to access to key markets that ensure your property, plant and machinery are covered properly, at and away from your premises. We also understand the difficulties in placing your fleet. This includes key extensions to cover that we will discuss with you in full.

Asbestos Removal

When people hear the word ‘Asbestos’ it instantly puts them on edge. What we understand is that asbestos removal is something that happens day in, day out. Contractors within the industry know the risks and make sure the appropriate precautions are in place. So whether it’s licensed or un-licensed asbestos removal you do, we have policies that

Construction & Building

Construction is one of the largest sectors in the UK, so it only makes sense that we have a wide variety of policies to meet the demands of all the different trades out there. From the ground up whatever it is you do, let’s have a chat and make sure that you, your business, your employees and the public are all covered correctly.

Heating & Ventilation

There are so many different varieties of work when it comes to heating & ventilation, especially when it comes to commercial and industrial work. The insurers we use understand this, and therefore have the right schemes in place to make sure you have not only fantastic cover, but competitive premiums to go with it.